Salons Offering Teeth Whitening Will Become Standard

It seems as though there are tanning booths springing up all over the country, even in states like here in Arizona where we have more than most state’s share of natural sunshine. Incorporating a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business into an established tanning salon is a match made in heaven. What could go better with beautifully bronzed skin than shiny, pearly-white teeth?

Some tanning salons already offer many forms of low-grade whitening to their customers. This method produces what we at SmileLABS™ consider to be less-than-optimal results and may also have severe health risks. The reasons for this are that the formulation for many of these whitening solutions contains a form of peroxide that does not readily react with the tanning light because it takes time for this type of peroxide to change chemically into a form that will react to the light. Unfortunately, by the time that this necessary chemical reaction has occurred, there is not much time left in the tanning session to fully utilize the energy of the light to accelerate the peroxide’s whitening effect.

Also, a person’s skin has somewhat of an ability to resist the damaging effects of UV radiation if moderately exposed. The gingival and oral mucosa (gums and other red-colored tissue in the mouth) does not have this same ability, so exposing these tissues to unnecessary and harmful radiation is not be a good idea. This issues that can occur while one whitens their teeth while they tan can bring serious liability to your business. Why take a risk like that when it is not necessary? Any teeth whitening system that wants you to use your UV tanning bed as a light source for accelerating the teeth bleaching process, is exposing you and your clients to a totally unnecessary and easily eliminated risk. We are currently evaulating a system that is safe and risk free that can be done while tanning. We’ll keep you posted on these trials as the results and risks become clear.

However, with SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening system, you can give your tanning customers the ultimate in safe, effective, and speedy teeth whitening treatments available today. Our SmileLABS™ system gets teeth visibly whiter in as little as one 15-20 minute session.  We typically see 5 to 7 shades whiter, as measured on a dental shade guide (included in our SmileLAB Packages), after one 15-20 minute treatment. Our proprietary SmileLABS™ whitening gel formulation is made in a high strength so as to be quickly effective, and it is formulated to be the correct type of peroxide-based gel to start working instantly when exposed to the completely safe visible light emission of our SmileLABS™ Infinity™ Series Accelerator Lights.

Our light produces no harmful radiation whatsoever, and it produces no heat either since it uses cold LED light technology. That is important because heating teeth can cause severe teeth sensitivity. SmileLABS™ typically has virtually no teeth sensitivity problems while producing the whitest smiles possible. We also give complete training and certification with every SmileLab™ we sell.

If you are a tanning salon owner and want to bring effective and safe teeth whitening to your tanning clients that have been asking for this service, then look no further than SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. We have many different options for you to chose from to get this business going in your tanning salon within ten days. Please call us now at 866-361-6237 Ext 8225 to schedule a SmileLABS™ Discovery Meeting webinar and put more green in your pocket, while you make your clients teeth whiter!

SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is a type of beauty treatment that brightens and whitens teeth that have had years of built-up stain. This process makes customers feel better about themselves and improves their poise, confidence, and their outlook on the future. Salons that offer hair, nails and eyelash treatments are one of the best businesses to incorporate the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedure into their chart of client services. The reason for this is that this type of beauty treatment partners easily with type of beauty treatments the salon is already doing.

Clients that come in to a salon are looking to make themselves more beautiful by having hair treatments like cuts, perms, and colorings, or are they are there to get their eyelashes or facials done. All of these involve beauty treatments to the head and face. If these customers could also get another part of their face beautified at the same place and even at the same time, they will want to add that to their treatment regime. By choosing to add SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening to the salon’s chart of services, the salon owner can offer a new value-added service to their clientele that will also greatly add to their financial bottom line.

SmileLABS™ offers three complete turnkey business packages. These are what we call the Bronze SmileLAB™, Silver SmileLAB™, and Gold SmileLAB™. All Labs contain a certain number of teeth whitening chairs and teeth whitening accelerator lights dependant on the Lab size. BronzeLABS™ have one teeth whitening chair and one teeth whitening light. SilverLABS™ contain two teeth whitening chairs and lights. Our deluxe GoldLAB™ has four chairs and lights.

These different size Labs also have plenty of teeth whitening product kits with disposables; actually the Labs include enough of these kits that, once sold, will recoup the cost of that particular sized Lab.

Also included is a professionally designed website that is personalized and customized to your business name, address, phone number, and email address. This website has many informational pages to educate your customers about cosmetic teeth whitening in general, and about how SmileLABS™ is the best at doing cosmetic teeth whitening with optimal results and virtually no sensitivity. On every page of your SmileLABS™ website is an appointment scheduler that is automatically linked to your email address, so that you are instantly informed when someone has made an appointment with you; all of their information is captured and sent to you in an email so that you can call them back right away and firm up and finalize the appointment. If you promote your SmileLABS™ website, it will definitely help you get more clients coming in for your cosmetic teeth whitening business. These would be new clients to the salon, and of course, they might also want their hair, nails, and lashes done, too.

Also included with each lab are our SmileLABS™ professionally designed marketing materials. We include easily personalized business cards, brochures, posters, thank you cards, and now, the newly available gift cards in 12 different seasonal/event designs. We also have available different types of signage, window clings, kiosks, banners, and other promotional materials available to our Authorized SmileLABS™ Dealers.

Lastly, included in each lab is our professional training and certification on how to do this simple cosmetic procedure. This training and certification is for you and for all of your employees that you will have performing this service. We want to make sure that everyone is well trained in the procedure as well as how to up-sell to more profitable whitening options. All of these are included in your new Bronze, Silver, or Gold SmileLAB.

In conclusion, you should also know that you don’t have to be a salon owner to do this business in a salon. Many salon owners will work one or two chairs in their own salon, but will rent out the rest of the chairs or space available to independent contractors. You, as an Authorized SmileLABS™ Dealer, could be one of these independent contractors, and rent space from the salon owner. Usually the monthly rent for these spaces is quite low, or perhaps it’s even just a small percentage of your monthly gross.

Either way, because you are not a threat or competition to any of the other independent contractors in the salon already doing hair, nails, etc., you will be able to work out a nice little paid referral network with them. If they recommend one of their customers to you for a whitening and the customer buys from you, you in return pay the referring person a small compensatory amount for the referral; this can go back the other way as well, when you refer one of your own clients to them. In a network like this, everyone wins.

Also, because the salon already has a steady daily stream of clients coming in for hair, nails, etc., they will see that teeth whitening is now being offered in their favorite salon and they will ask about and come to you as one of your new clients. This assures you that you will have business right from the start without having to do much if any outside advertising.

This is why we here at SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening feel that doing this business in a salon, either as an independent or as the salon owner wanting to add an extra revenue stream to their already successful business, is one of the best venues to do cosmetic teeth whitening. To find out just how much extra money that could easily be, along with all the other details, please call today to schedule an informative Discovery Meeting with one of our professional sales staff.