Applia Elite Teeth Whitening Kit – 50 Pack



The Applia Teeth Whitening kit is the latest and greatest teeth whitening regime recommend by SmileLABS. The kit is designed to do 4-6 whitening treatments per customer. Now you no longer need to use multiple kits to get your customer their desired shade of white. With the Applia Teeth Whitening kit you can do multiple 20 minute treatments at no extra product cost to you. This system will save you money and increase your profit.

Each Applia Elite Kit Includes:

1 – 4cc Photosensitive Gel Applicator – 16% Hygrogen Peroxide

2 – Customer Bibs

3 – Pre-Whitening Swabs

3 – Vitamin E Swabs

6 – Cotton Mouth Props

6 – Cotton tipped excess gel removing sticks

1 – Large Cheek Retractor

1 – Product Kit Case with post whitening instructions

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs