Miscellaneous Teeth Bleaching Products

This is our catchall category for any and all things Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. Here you will find our Discovery Pack that we feel every prospective SmileLABS™ Authorized Dealer should purchase prior to deciding on a particular SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Lab Package. Also, we show you two different shade guides that are available: the Generic Teeth Shade Guide and the Vita™ Bleachedguide 3D-Master Teeth Shade Guide.

In addition, we also have our SmileLABS™ Customer Purchase Agreement Pads (that incorporate a Liability Waiver & Hold Harmless Agreement as well as a place for customer contact information, before/after teeth shade recording, and price paid area so the document can also act as a printed customer receipt). Also you can find here our Customer Bib Holders and our Protective Eyewear used during the Signature SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Chairside Procedures. Use our convenient Shopping Cart or call 866-361-6237 today to place an order.