Complete SmileLAB Packages

SmileLABS™ has three complete Business-in-a-Box Lab Packages. These are known as the GoldLAB™, the SilverLAB™, and the BronzeLAB™. They come with varying quantities of SmileLABS™ Signature Cosmetic Teeth Whitening products such as our Infinity™ Express Accelerator Light(s) and our Express Teeth Whitening Treatment Chair, along with your own professionally designed Flash®-Animated Website that is customized and personalized to your business name, address, phone, and email contact information. This website also has a built-in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Appointment Scheduler on every page of the site. Included in each Lab are enough individually packaged chair-side power bleaching treatment kits, complete with disposables, so that when all of the teeth whitening treatment kits in the lab are sold, you have recouped the cost of your Lab.

In addition to the above, each Lab Package also has plenty of SmileLABS’™ various printed Marketing Materials, some of which are customizable with your business contact information. Also, with each Lab Package, you get our Authorized SmileLABS Dealer Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedure Training. This program is mandatory and available to you and all of your employees. We want to make sure that every Authorized SmileLABS Dealer is doing the procedure the correct way, and just as important, that they learn what not to do.

After your purchase you will also have access to our in-house marketing team to customize any print or web marketing collateral. We have a dedicated web site developer and graphic design artist at your disposal. Both of these professionals are outstanding in their chosen field and have been with SmileLABS since the beginning. There is no limit to what can be done with their creative abilities. All the aforementioned custom marketing work is billed on an hourly basis with a 1-hour minimum. Ask your representative for a current rate card.

No matter which Lab Package you choose, we will do our best to help you become successful as quickly as possible with our extensive after-the-sale support, marketing tips and strategies. This important support is only available after you’ve purchased your Lab package. Pick your location, pick your Lab Package, and order today, and you will be in your very own SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Business within days. Call 866-361-6237 today for more information, or to place an order, use our convenient Shopping Cart System.