Mobile Teeth Whitening Businesses Are Popular

With the demand for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening up over 300% in the last 5 years, it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs choose to purchase and become an Authorized SmileLABS™ Dealer. Many of our Authorized Dealers start out in this business as a mobile teeth whitening service. There are many advantages to starting this way.

First and foremost, all you really need to purchase is the SmileLABS™ Package that best fits your business model. You don’t have to worry about finding a permanent location, because you can go and do this mobile teeth whitening business anywhere. You won’t have to come up with first and last month’s rent or a security deposit, and you won’t have the additional future monthly expenses of rent, utilities, extra telephone and internet services that you would have to pay if you had a permanent teeth whitening retail location. You simply run your mobile teeth whitening business out of your own home, use your own phone and internet that you already have, and take advantage of the utilities that you are already paying. You can even set up your own home office and possibly deduct a portion of your monthly household expenses on your income tax, although we are not tax professionals and thus do recommend you seek help for that from a CPA or tax accountant on doing this the correct and legal way.

Secondly, both our Infinity Express LED teeth bleaching light and our Expresss chair are designed to be easily broken down or folded up for quick compact portability. An Authorized SmileLABS™ Dealer with a one chair, one teeth whitening light SmileLAB™ can easily transport these two items, along with plenty of teeth whitening kits and disposables, and a source of clean water in bottles, inside most family automobiles. Those that have larger Teeth Whitening Labs, with more chairs and lights, may need a truck or an SUV.

A mobile teeth whitening business can do home or office parties or teeth whitening spa days, similar to how Tupperware™ or Mary Kay™ do their parties. We call our SmileLAB parties, “Girls Night Out!”  The host of the party usually receives a free teeth whitening or commission for the use of their house and for inviting friends over. The guests at the party all whiten their teeth at the regular rate, or a special party rate that you assign depending on the party size. You can advertise to potential hosts by offering the free whitening or revenue share as an incentive.

You can visit with some owners of higher end salons and spas and set up one or two days where you can come in and whiten customers’ teeth by appointment. You could even arrange to pay the spa or salon a percentage of your gross profit so they will have an incentive to book many teeth whitening appointments for your extra value-added service that you are providing for them. This arrangement also saves you paying a fixed rent cost.  A great intro is to whiten the spa owner’s teeth for free so they can see what a great service you can provide their clientele.

Also, there are many large corporate offices in major metropolitan areas that have a large number of employees at these offices. They often schedule one day or two half-days per month as “health fair days”  or “spa days” that their employees can attend.  You can arrange with these corporations to be a part of this and set up a small area to do teeth whitenings at your regular or discounted rate.

Lastly, a huge untapped market for the mobile teeth whitening business is to “prospect the bridal scene gold mine.” Every major city has at least one “Bridal ” trade show that comes around yearly that has thousands of brides, their mothers, and sometimes even bridal party members in attendance. You pay the show a reasonable fee to set up a small booth, not to do teeth whitenings on site, per se, but to make appointments and take deposits on brides, grooms, and whole bridal parties to have their smiles improved by SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. You could offer the bride, or even the bride and groom, a free whitening, as long as the entire bridal party has their teeth done at the usual or a reduced rate. Since you are mobile, you can cover the entire city and book enough appointments at the bridal show to keep yourself busy with teeth whitening appointments for months. You can also register with bridal consultants, florists, wedding dress shops, etc., to be their teeth whitening referral for their customers. You may offer a free whitening or two to allow the way to get these referrals, but it will be time and product well spent. Also, remember that every business is in business to make a profit, so you may be well served by offering a small commission to these professionals.  That becomes a Win/Win! Contact SmileLABS™ today at 866-361-6237 Ext 8225 and we’ll get your SmileLAB™ Package of choice shipped.