Whiten With Confidence!

When you purchase a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening BronzeLAB™, SilverLAB™, or GoldLAB package, we help protect you by making sure you complete the included training, along with all of your employees that will be the salespersons operating this business. That way, everyone involved in the business knows the right way of guiding customers in the proper use of our advanced teeth whitening products, as well as how not to do things the wrong way. This is very important. The good news is that proper product use is simple and you do not need any special license or insurance (such as malpractice insurance: which only physicians, dentists, hygienists, and lawyers can actually purchase) to own and operate this business. It is strictly a cosmetic product that is self-administered by the customer and is not typically regulated, but sometimes these regulations can vary state-to-state over time and it is ultimately your responsibility to determine the current guidelines and regulations.

All of the SmileLABS™ packages come with our pad(s) of Customer Purchase Agreements which include liability waiver & hold harmless provisions, which we recommend you have all of your customers fill out, read, date, and sign before any SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening treatments are performed. We also recommend that you have your own legal advisor review the Agreement to ensure maximum enforceability and protection with your specific state. When your customers sign the form, they are signing a legal document, scrutinized by our lawyers, that states that they have no pre-existing conditions listed in the document that would rule them out as proper and good candidates for this type of product. They acknowledge the explanation of the product regimen they are about to receive as well as what to reasonably expect from product use. This agreement spells it all out and holds you harmless. Both you and your customer receive a copy of the agreement.

Also, in the Customer Purchase Agreement pad is a complete, step by step graphical listing of the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedure, with simple easy-to-understand artist’s drawings and explanations of what to do and what comes first, next, and last. That way, no new, possibly nervous, employees will ever forget how to assist the customer to use our teeth whitening products: the instructions are always right there in front of them to see.

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