Day and Med Spas Are Perfect Locations for Tooth Bleaching

We feel that Med Spas and Day Spas are a perfect match for partnering up with a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business. Your business is all about making your clientele look and feel better about themselves. Cosmetic teeth whitening is a fantastic and logical value-added service to add to your list of offered treatments and procedures. A nice white smile makes a person feel so much better about themselves and boosts their confidence. Isn’t that what Med and Day Spas are all about?

If you already have a steady influx of clients coming in daily, adding cosmetic teeth whitening will easily increase your daily net revenue. Also, if you want to increase the number of clients seen daily, having this service available will help you achieve that goal. The reason for that is simple: you will be providing a service that your clients really want. Second only to hair treatments, cosmetic teeth whitening is the next most requested beauty procedure in North America today.

Adding a Bronze SmileLABLAB™ (consisting of one teeth whitening chair and one teeth whitening accelerator light) or Silver SmileLAB™ (two teeth whitening chairs and two teeth whitening lights) is very simple. Our SmileLABS™ Total Business Solution teeth whitening system has everything you’ll need, including the teeth whitening equipment, the SmileLABS™ teeth whitening treatment kits and disposables, the SmileLABS™ marketing materials, a customized and personalized SmileLABS™ website with appointment scheduler, and the training and certification for you and all your employees. The procedure is very simple to learn, anyone can do it, and typically no special license or insurance is needed to do this business. Our cosmetic teeth whitening chairs and lights have a very small foot print, and a SmileLABS™ SilverLAB™ will easily fit into a 100 square foot area. That’s only a small space 10 feet by 10 feet!

The income potential from doing SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in your Day Spa or Med Spa is phenomenal. The profit margin on a single treatment (15 minutes treatment time) is a minimum of about 80%, on a double session (two back-to-back single treatments in the same appointment) it’s about 87%, and on a multiple session (one double session the first appointment, then 3 more 15-minute sessions whenever & however the client wants them over a six-month period), it’s a minimum of about 95% profit! In fact, a Spa that does only 4 whitenings per day, for only 5 days per week, and only 50 weeks per year (this gives you 2 days off per week and 2 weeks vacation per year), the net profit on these treatments is from $80,000 (single session) to $130,000 (double session) to $180,000 (multiple session). That is from your Spa only owning a BronzeLAB™. If you own a SilverLAB™ or a GoldLAB™ (4 teeth whitening chairs and 4 teeth whitening accelerator lights), you have the potential to double or quadruple your profits from whitenings, because you can do more cosmetic teeth whitening treatments in the same amount of time, and you can do the math on that!

So, add a Bronze, Silver, or Gold SmileLAB™ to your Salon, Day Spa or Med Spa. Our cosmetic teeth whitening business plan works hand-in-hand with your already well-established procedures, and adds another very profitable and easily performed service that you can do for your clientele. Your next step to adding a SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening business to your Day Spa or Med Spa is to attend a short Discovery Meeting; please call SmileLABS™ today to set this Discovery Meeting appointment with one of our knowledgeable representative advisors, and you, too, can be adding this great service to your business within 10 days.